Action to curb private sector rent rises is needed according to a Glasgow MSP after reports show rents rising faster than wages,

Official figures show across Scotland average wages rose by 12% between 2012 and 2017, but rents increased by 16% over the same period.

Pauline McNeill, Glasgow Labour MSP said the private sector rental market is broken and problems made worse by government austerity.

She said private rents are unaffordable to many, especially young people and a lack of social housing to meet demand is forcing them to pay rents putting them in poverty.

Ms NcNeill is proposing a new law, a Mary Barbour Bill to reform the private rented housing sector.

In Glasgow analysis by letting agents has shown average rents increased by 4% in the last year alone, which is higher then the reate of inflation

Ms McNeill’s Bill would limit rent rises by linking increases to average wages.

The average weekly wage in Glasgow is just over £500 per week according to government figures.

Ms McNeill, said: “Scotland’s housing crisis is seeing private sector rents rising faster than people’s wages, making housing even more expensive and pushing people further into poverty.

“Too many young families are caught in a vicious cycle – a lack of affordable public housing forces people to rent privately and as a result they are paying rip-off rents which stops them saving for a deposit to buy their own home.

“Our Mary Barbour law, which I am bringing forward as a Member’s Bill, would stop this happening and give people hope that they can have secure, affordable tenancies. ”

Labour says its plan for a Mary Barbour law would limit rent rises with a link to wages and ensure they are affordable, as well as ensure that all private rented properties meet proper standards for health, safety and energy efficiency.