TOWER block residents are being driven to distraction by their unwelcome neighbours - a flock of pigeons.

Householders in Dumbreck Court claim the noise and mess of the birds is causing serious misery.

And after failed attempts to get rid of the feathered foes they are calling on Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) to take firmer action.

Raymond, 36, said: “I moved here two or three years ago but my neighbours tell me this has been a problem for about five years.

"We as residents all pay full rent and council tax and so we expect this problem to be sorted but it has dragged on for too long.

"The noise gets so bad in the early hours of the morning I can't sleep and have to go and stay at my sister's house.

"I'm thinking of leaving here because the noise and mess is so bad and I feel that GHA won't listen to how bad it is.

"It's disgusting."

The issues are affecting 20 and 40 Dumbreck Court, which have 98 flats each.

Pigeon mess has built up along verandas and window ledges, meaning some residents can't sit outside or open their windows.

Others have nests outside their windows and have had pigeons fly into their flats.

Scottish Green Party councillor for Pollokshields ward, Jon Molyneux said: “The situation residents find themselves in is quite intolerable.

"The pigeons are disturbing residents’ sleep, impacting on their wellbeing, and the build-up of droppings also poses a serious public health risk.

"Residents are rightly demanding urgent action.

"They feel this has dragged on for too long, with too many ‘false starts’.

"It’s imperative now that GHA gets a professionally-installed, comprehensive and long-lasting solution in place as soon as possible.”

GHA, however, said it has tried several solutions to deal with the issue, including spikes on window ledges and a gel designed to repel the birds.

Last year a net was fitted over the building but birds became trapped, so it was removed after just six weeks in place.

GHA Managing Director Jennifer Russell said: “We would like to reassure residents at Dumbreck Court that we are working hard to get a solution in place as soon as possible which will deal with this problem effectively.

“We understand completely how difficult it is for people and are carrying out additional cleans on the balconies until the problem is sorted.”