THE SNP has demanded a full debate in parliament on the air strike launched against Syria.

Following the missile attack by the USA, France and UK, the party’s defence spokesman has said the Prime Minister must explain herself before MPs.

The missile strikes hit targets in Damascus and in Homs, which the UK Government said were used for developing chemical weapons.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, said the strikes were about telling the Syrian President “enough is enough” over the use of chemical weapons.

He said it was to act as a deterrent to others not to use chemical weapons.

Stewart McDonald, Glasgow South MP, SNP defence spokesman, said: ““The case for a full parliamentary debate and vote on these air strikes gets stronger by the day.

“The independent investigators from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are only now beginning their work on the ground - yet the UK government have already acted, without parliamentary approval.

“A clear precedent was set in 2015 ahead of the targeted strikes against Daesh - yet the Prime Minister has ignored this.”