THE owner of a popular city centre cafe has taken Glasgow City Council publicly to task over its waste disposal policy.

Gav Clark, founder of Martha's, took to Facebook to slam council bosses over the new commercial waste rules.

In a scheme rolled out across the city, businesses must put rubbish out to be collected during specified times.

And if it is not picked up then it must be taken back inside - and they are legally obliged to comply.

But Gav said in his Facebook "rant" that the new policy is making the city look a mess and stopping customers coming in to his St Vincent Street cafe.

He wrote: "I've tried my hardest over seven years to create a food offering that Glasgow people will love and that does some good to the health and sustainability of the world we live in.

"It's cost me everything - savings, marriage, house - so hopefully I'll sit back one day and enjoy it...but not yet though, honestly.

"This recent waste disposal policy for Glasgow - to make the city centre more appealing to tourists - just adds to the frustration and complete disconnect between local government and actual good local business.

"And you might ask why I hate paying tax?! It pays for these policies, as does yours.

"Our address, 142 St. Vincent Street is a Glasgow Heritage Landmark - The Hatrack Building.

"And this is what the council thinks best to deliver that to tourists?

"Being that Glasgow has one of the worst cases of obesity and ill-health in Europe, I was p***** off for years that I got no support launching the Martha's as a healthy food business in 2011.

"Now this?! Sorry I am just p***** off."

Gav is now demanding a meeting with council top bosses to discuss the policy.

He added: "If any of Martha's regulars can put me in touch with a 'person of influence' to discuss this, I'd be delighted and will buy them lunch on me.

"Sorry to bare my soul but FFS.

"They seem to think that you can just 'create' the extra space in our venues to accommodate their idealistic plans and put the waste 'out of site'.

"Grow up and justify your wage."

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: "The commercial waste project in the city centre has been a great success, and we have received many positive comments from businesses and residents in the area, with few complaints. 

"More than 1200 large, bulky commercial waste bins have been removed from the city centre as a result, leaving the area cleaner, greener and safer. 

"This success has led to the rollout of the scheme across the city from early April, with all commercial premises in Glasgow to be compliant by early March 2019. 

"In this particular case, we understand that the commercial waste sacks were presented appropriately within the presentation window and uplifted as they should have been. 

"We are in regular contact with all contractors, with our Waste Enforcement team monitoring developments to ensure that all premises and contractors are meeting the needs of the project policy."