MORE than 6700 bed bug and cockroach complaints have been reported in Govanhill in the past 10 years.

Latest figures published by Glasgow City Council show more than 1500 properties have been affected.

But since 2014 the number of reports received have begun to decline.

Council bosses have contracted a private firm in addition to its own work to eradicate pests by treating entire tenement blocks of up to 16 closes one at a time.

Landlords and tenants have been called on to cooperate with the work in order for it to be successful.

Govanhill accounts for 95 per cent of pest control complaints in the city but it is difficult to make a meaningful comparison to elsewhere in Glasgow as there are no other areas with a dedicated pest control team.

Mhairi Hunter, who chairs the Govanhill Regeneration Group, said: "Govanhill is the only part of Glasgow which receives a bed bug service from the council.

"No-one questions that there have been huge problems and continue to be problems with pests, particularly mice at this time.

"However the figures in the report clearly show that the proactive approach the council has been taking is achieving results and we'll continue to work in this way.

"I'm also delighted that a senior and highly experience officer has been appointed Neighbourhood Manager.

"From my conversations with him he is keen to work in partnership with local residents and has already met with the community council.

"Clearly the council has a major role to play in resolving issues in Govanhill but we can't do it alone, we need to work in partnership with the community and that's the approach we are taking."

Bed bug call outs are down by 62 per cent from 2014 to 2017 and cockroach call outs are down 79 per cent in that time.

A report from LES shows that while cockroach and bedbug complaints are falling, rodent reports are on the rise.

Local councillor Soryia Siddique said: “It is concerning that there is ongoing infestation challenges in Govanhill.

“No one should be expected to live in an infested environment in 2018.

“I am receiving ongoing casework where families are frustrated by infestation in their living environment.

“There has been discussion around a systemic block-to-block treatment which some feel has not been achieved.

“The minority administration must listen to community concerns and implement effective strategies to improve living standards in Govanhill.”

The LES report also shows that on average more than 90 bags of street litter are filled each day by the area's manual street sweepers.