FEARS that Government cuts could put jobs at risk at Glasgow’s Blindcraft factory have emerged.

The Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries, in Springburn, employs around 250 people, half with with sight-related disabilities.

More than 100 of the jobs are supported by half a million pounds a year from the Protected Places programme funded by the DWP.

However, reforms to the supported employment model have left politicians and unions concerned for the future of the jobs.

Maryhill and Springburn MSP Bob Doris said he wants to ensure the UK Government recognises the importance of RSBi and the impact a funding cut would have on the workforce.

He said: There are people there who wouldn’t make the transition to mainstream employment.”

Mr Doris as well as union representatives at RSBi wrote to the UK Government Minister for Disabled People, Sarah Newton to invite her to the factory.

Mr Doris said he had wants to ensure the same fate does not befall RSBi as it did Remploy when it was forced to close.

He said: “A change to the use, distribution or criteria of the fund could place the future of both individual employees and the wider workplace at risk.

“Indeed, in recent years when the UK Government reformed a related employment area, it saw the closure of the local ‘Remploy’ facility. This was something that caused significant pain and despair. The human cost of lives blighted by that closure endures.”

Blindcraft makes furniture, kitchen units, storage, beds and timber construction kits to a variety of clients, including Glasgow Housing Association.

Glasgow City Council leader, Susan Aitken, also raised concerns about the review of funding.

She wrote to the minister with “grave concerns” about the impact on Blindcraft and also invited her to Glasgow

She said Blindcraft’s employment models allow those who face challenges to thrive.

She added: “The potential loss of UK Government supported employment model funding to RSBi is therefore of mounting concern. This would have a severe impact on the organisation and lives of staff.”

Ms Newton has accepted the invite and arrangements are being made for a visit.