A RANT about Tesco which received over two million views has put Dee Maxwell at the forefront of Scotland's comedy scene.

The comedienne is at the top of every booking agent's list after her popularity soared thanks to her social media video rants.

In the video, Dee has just finished the gym, and her daughter asks her to buy vinegar. She then goes into a foul-mouthed rant about her difficulty in finding the condiment because of the supermarket's layout and how being surrounded by food was making her even more hungry after the gym.

"The Tesco sketch was a true story," explained Dee.

She continued: "My daughter sent me a message asking to buy vinegar. I just came out the gym and I was starving. I spent so long trying to find the vinegar I decided to make a sketch. That was all real."

Dee's rise in the comedy circuit has been somewhat unconventional. She struggled with addiction from the age of nine, and it was only when she fell pregnant with her daughter Sienna, 9 that she finally got clean.

The 37-year-old, whose real name is Denise Brennan, said: "When I was younger, I did take a lot of drugs and I was sort of a bit of a ticket.

"That is why I used Dee because it was what all my old pals called me. Maxwell is my mum's maiden name - I decided to tarnish her name."

Comedy became a release for her around three years ago but after setting up a social media page, which now has more than 30,000 followers, she has not looked back.

The mum-of-three, who also has Charlie, 16 and Cruz, 5, said: "My comedy says what a lot of people think but they are not brave enough to say it - and that can be controversial."

She continued: "I love the reaction on social media. I have devout followers and people send me lots of messages.

"Obviously there is the downside when people say derogatory things to me and my family.

"They don’t realise that my sketches are staged and I am not really a Ned who takes Buckfast

"That is the downside but there is actually more good that comes out of it than bad."

Dee, who describes herself as "so single it's sad", juggles being a full-time mum with studying for her degree in performing arts. She admits her comedy was something which initially did not go down well with her oldest child.

She said: "My oldest did get a bit of stick at school at first when I wasn’t such the sensation I am at the moment - but now she is enjoying it.

"The younger two don’t really see any of it because the context is not suitable for them."

She added: "My wee boy always asks me, 'are we famous yet mum?' 'Are we getting a new house?"

She added: "I am just happy to be getting to a place I want to be. I am no scraping the barrell and worrying about how I am going to feed my weans."

Feeding the weans should be no problem for Dee who has a number of shows lined up in Glasgow in the coming months - including her debut at The Stand.

She will play Raw Raw Stand Glasgow on May 15 and Saint Luke's & The Winged Ox on August 9.

She has two concept shows, Survival Kit of a Single Maw and Survival Kit of a Cooncil Wean, but her Stand debut will be the best of her comedy routine.

She said: "I am going to do a mixture of the two shows because it is my first stand and that is a way into the bigger things.

"I am excited to perform at The Stand but to me it doesn’t matter where I am on the stage. As long as people love it and I am selling out show whether it be in a community hall or the o2, I don’t care."

Dee, who is from Kilbirnie, counts Billy Connelly as one of her idols. She hopes to have a career as successful as him, and with her acting abilities, she might just be Scotland's new double threat.

She said: "Billy Connelly is more my idol and if I could have a career like his that would be a dream.

"It sounds mad but when I was a wee girl, I wanted to be on the stage.

"I always said I wanted to be but because of my mindset and what I was doing I couldn’t obviously achieve it.

"Now I am actually doing what I always dreamed of but I always knew at one point I would be ready for it."

For more information on Dee, visit her page https://www.facebook.com/DeeMaxwellComedian/