A Scots girl ended up in a war of words with singer Lily Allen on Twitter after she accused the singer of glamourising drug use.

Amy Gilmour responded to a tweet posted by the pop star which described the moment she took Ketamine at an awards show and was kicked out. 

Responding to a question on twitter about the “best reason you’ve been kicked out of an event, building or group”, Lily joked that she thought she was taking cocaine at the 2008 Glamour awards but it turned out to be Ketamine. 

Amy reacted to her post by asking: “Is this really something to glamorise/ be proud of?”

The Not Fair singer hit back at Amy writing: “Probably not, did you have a point?”

But the dispute didn't stop there with the 25-year-old replying: “There are people responding to this with phrases like ‘goals’ and ‘hilarious’.

“My point is that could have a damaging affect and glamorising drug taking (and misuse) could be dangerous. Something for you to maybe consider.”

Lily was unamused by the Scot's response and ended the spat with a series of yawning emojis.

However, the singer wasn't finished after spotting a tweet from Amy on her own profile which said: “Pure want my lips done”.

She hit out at Amy writing: "“This glamorises plastic surgery and could have a damaging effect”.

Amy was quick to fire back: "“Oh my god  I literally have about 100th of the following you have … you are in a position to influence whereas I am on my personal account speaking to an audience of my friends… you are wildly missing the point”.

The star then told Amy to "stop looking to the internet for role models" as it is a "waste of time".

Amy shut the singer down again replying: "I’m definitely (and thankfully) not looking for a role model.

“Thank you for worrying about my use of time, now I would appreciate if you stopped stalking my tweets for possible hypocrisies? Sure we both have better things to do ”.

Other Twitter users quickly noticed the tweets blowing up between the pair.

Some agreed with the Scot's response with Jade Dean writing: "I agree with you.

"I've seen so many news articles recently of young 20 somethings dying from taking too much of a 'safe' drug or from taking what they believed to be one drug but turned out to be something else that was fatal.

"Not something to be proud of at all."

Others felt Amy's response was uneccessary, Andrew Wakuffo said: "Do you really think this is glamorous???

"If not, then how can it be glamorising? If you do, you probably need to be upping your aspirations.

"Anyone who is influenced to take drugs from this tweet was probably going to take them anyway."

Lily has since blocked Amy on Twitter following the public dispute.