A DENNISTOUN mum threatened to rip a woman from her "f**** right up to her a***".

Alesha Sheridan, 23, made the menacing remark about a love rival within a Facebook group chat.

Fiscal depute Marie McCue told Glasgow Sheriff Court that the accused was initially pleasant to her victim, asking if she wanted to go to Tesco. The complainer replied: "Naw, I'm pregnant."

The messages then took a sinister turn, to which Sheridan threatened: "I'm going to push her eyes to the back of her head then I'm going to tie her down and then I'm going to take finger by finger, toe by toe. See once I've done that, I'm ripping her f**** right up to her a***."

The accused also stated that she would make her victim 'lose the wain'.

Following her arrest, Sheridan pleaded guilty to sending a grossly offensive message with threats of violence on July 8, 2017.

In defence it was accepted the graphic nature of Sheridan's language would have upset her victim. It was explained that the complainer was in a relationship and pregnant to the accused's ex-partner – which seems to have been the catalyst to the situation.

Her lawyer stated: "She does regret her behaviour."

The accused – said to have a volatile nature – is now focusing on her own children.

Sheriff Brian Cameron placed Sheridan on a Structured Deferred Sentence for six months. She will return to court on November 14.