TRAFFIC cops were stunned when they pulled over a car which was carrying planks on its roof - which obscured the DRIVER’S side windscreen.

A picture taken of the vehicle shows two long black pieces on the roof – but remarkably, the driver decided to strap the items over the driver’s side of the windscreen, completely obscuring their front-facing view.

The van, which appears to be an old white Ford, was spotted by officers in the Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) on Saturday (19/5).

The driver was pulled over in Wolverhampton, West Mids., after driving around with just duct tape and rope to hold the load down.

CMPG tweeted at 12.23pm: “I don’t think the driver of the one in Wolverhampton saw it coming... reported for using a vehicle in a dangerous condition- and yes, it is a right hand drive.”

Twitter users expressed their disbelief at the dozy driver.

Twitter user PatriotBoinger said: “Incredible. What goes through someone’s mind when they get behind the wheel after doing that.”

Twitter user Matt said: “Sure it’s not photoshopped? I’m struggling to believe anyone could do that....oh, wait a minute, I’ve seen sat navs in front of people on the windscreen. #asyouwere”.

An account called Lost Time tweeted: “Probably needed a stronger sunshade.”

Stephen Murtagh joked: “Him.. I'll just put this on the roof love... Her, don't dangle that in front of me! Put it your side. Ok...”

Twitter account Eastside tweeted: “Thick as two planks....”

And Coops tweeted: “You’ve gotta be kidding! Stupid breeds stupid”.

This isn't the first time police in the Midlands have pulled over vehicles with a less than clear view from the windscreen.

In July, Derbyshire Police officers pulled over a lorry after the driver had repaired his windscreen with wood, branches, tape and plastic.