EVERY generation has 'gone to the dancin' at some point in Glasgow.

But each generation will have a different experience of the 'dancin' as nightclubs come and go. 

Here are 10 Glasgow nightspots you might have forgotten about.

1. Cinders Disco:

This 'dancin' was situated in the West End on Benalder Street, just off Partick Cross. It was later known as the Volcano.

2. Clouds:

This place was a haven for 70s bands. It was situated above the Apollo Theatre in Renfrew Street and it later became Satellite City.

3. Henry Afrika's:

Former Clyde star Tiger Tim used to be the resident DJ at this disco in York Street.

4. The Shack:

A former church, it was also known as Cardinal Follies and the Temple. It was destroyed by fire in 2002.

5. Cleopatra's:

Known affectionately as Clatty Pat's, it was in Great Western Road. The nightspot was also known as the Viper in later years.

6. Tuxedo Princess:

A ship with a revolving dancefloor, it anchored at Broomielaw for three years in the 80s.

7. The Locarno:

The Sauchiehall Street venue hosted the first Scottish Professional Disco Dancing Championships.

8. White Elephant:

Hit by fire in 1977, the Sauchiehall Street disco re-opened as the Roseland.

9. The Rooster:

Located in Glassford Street, the DJ in the 70s was Mr "Super Bad" Ed Robinson.

10. Panama Jax:

Formerly Manhattan, it stood on the Clydeside Walkway.