I don’t see the issue surrounding Old Firm tickets as Rangers cutting Celtic’s allocation. I see it as Rangers increasing their own allocation, and therefore maximising their business.

Of course, as soon as Rangers made the move Celtic would follow. But they have just won a Double Treble, so they would have more fans that want season tickets for Parkhead.

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When it comes to the Old Firm games, I think people are reading far too much into it. It is not a tit-for-tat, it is a move that makes perfect sense for Rangers.

Too many teams have taken points at Ibrox over the last couple of seasons and that has to change next term. So Rangers need their fans on side from the off.

If we are going to be serious about challenging for the title, there can be no dropped points going into the first game against Celtic.

Rangers need to go into that fixture ready to take them on and if Ibrox is bouncing with our own supporters then that gives the team a better chance of winning matches at home. That has to be a benefit.

From a players’ perspective, I don’t think the Old Firm game itself will change that much. It shouldn’t do anyway.

Whether there is one fan there or 50,000 there, it shouldn’t matter.

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Now that there will be fewer Rangers fans at Parkhead, the atmosphere might be more hostile for Steven Gerrard’s side. But that will be the same when Celtic come to Ibrox.

It shouldn’t change the mindset from the players, or their belief going into the game.

I remember the goal that John Collins scored at Ibrox and the full stadium went quiet.

And a few years ago Rangers played Inter Milan in the San Siro with no fans there.

But those games still had to be played and won on the park so, as a player, that is all you can focus on. So, I don’t think this is a big issue at all.