NOW onto their third album, it’s difficult to describe Fatherson as up and coming, but there is still a feeling that they are on the cusp of something great.

The trio, hailing from Kilmarnock, have been steadily growing a fanbase since first getting together in the teens.

Their debut album I Am an Island was a well thought-out collection of tracks speaking of isolation, friends and the uncertainty of growing up and moving away from old friends.

Difficult second album, Open Book, was bolder in sound but no less relatable and helped them sell out a headline show at Glasgow Barrowlands.

After the momentous show, the band decided to get retrospective through two shows at Glasgow Art School - the first of which dug deep into their early material.

With the level of momentum experienced by the band, it would be understandable if they decided to stay put in their comfort zone but instead, they’ve decided to take a leap in a completely different direction for their upcoming third album.

“For me it feels like we took a step in one direction with the second album and we kind of went back to the first one after that then stepped the other way”, explains bassist Marc Strain.

“It doesn’t sound like a different band, it’s just a lot better.”

Vocalist Ross Leighton adds: “It’s the best record we’ve ever made.

“We’ve been lucky to grow up in this band and we know why we love playing music and being able to satisfy that is great.

“Lots of writing comes from what you know and being in a band means things are a bit topsy turvy sometimes through drinking too much and partying too much and you end feeling a bit disenfranchised by things.

“It’s pretty easy to write about that because it’s a pretty unique place to be.

“This is the first album and group of songs where you can pinpoint the exact place where it happened.

“Instead of a more general approach to a feeling we can say ‘this verse is about this thing that happened’ which has been a cool.

“I’ve been listening to lots of hip hop music and smart lyricists and it’s a lot more minutiae. I think everything I’ve done before has been quite general and about situations that everyone goes through in their life.

“This is about actual experiences that have happened in all of our lives.”

With the pressure of the first two records out the way, the band were able to create the music they wanted.

After setting up a studio Glasgow a the end of last year, the band got to work with their team to create what they describe as their best album to date.

Drummer Greg Walkinshaw adds: “We had enough time to worry about the third album and then get over that and realise it doesn’t matter.

“You just have to make a bunch of songs that you love and know are going to be a lot of fun to play.”

“It got to the point where there was no consideration of what people would think. We just done it because we wanted to”, Marc adds.

“We’re also super lucky to have the people who have gravitated towards working with this band have always been super supportive during the whole process”, Ross explains.

“Everyone was on the same page, everyone just got what we wanted to do - the label was cool with it, the production was cool with it.

“We basically just had a celebratory dinner when it was finished rather than trying to fix things.

“We got complete autonomy over what we wanted to do and when people heard it they were like ‘that was the record that we wanted you to make’.”

With their set at TRNSMT just over three weeks away, Fatherson may or may not be releasing a new single beforehand.

The group remain tight-lipped about their plans but from the hypothetical flying around our conversation, it would be safe to say fans have a lot to look forward in the coming months, including a headline tour.

But for now, the only thing the trio can speak on is their excitement for the year ahead and finally playing some new music.

“If it was up to me, I’d play the new album in full at TRNSMT”, Marc adds.

“It’s good to be coming back after seven months, it’s felt like a long time and we just want to go to TRNSMT and have as much fun as possible before this new record has come out.”

Fatherson will play TRNSMT festival on Sunday July 1.