GENEROUS Glaswegians have donated more than £8,000 to a community hub after it was ransacked by thieves.

The Kinning Park Complex was targeted just hours after it welcomed hundreds of locals in for a Family Fun Day on Sunday.

Thieves left a trail of destruction after breaking into the building on Cornwall Street and ripping the alarm system from the wall.

Staff at the complex were shocked to find that the windows and doors inside the complex were either damaged or destroyed as well equipment, offices and studios.

Donation boxes from the Family Fun Day were also emptied.

Following the discovery, staff launched a fundraising page to try and restore the building to its original state and prevent further security breaches.

In just 24 hours kind donors raised £8,250 to put the vital community asset back together.

Donations have come from local businesses, social enterprises including Building Futures and Turning Point Scotland.

Development director, Martin Avila, said the staff have been ‘heartened’ by the level of support they have received.

He added: “We’ve been working all day to try and secure the complex and board up any of the windows that were smashed.

“It was heartbreaking to see all the mess but it is been heartening to see all the support.

“Lots of different groups have been in touch because they know all the work we do and how terrible it is when these things happen.

“We were going to buy the building anyway but we’ve asked everyone who has donated money if we can put it towards other things since we’re over the target.

“We have had help from friends and volunteers to temporarily secure all rooms that were broken into and we have a number of tradespeople currently coming in to give us exact quotes on all repairs.”

After breaking the news of the raid on social media, the post was inundated with well wishes from people who have used the complex and others who are involved in the running of other vital projects across the city.

Julie McMurray, of the Leithland Neighbourhood Centre, said: “Absolutely gutted to read this post. What kind of animal does this?!

“If there’s anyway we can help with please let us know.”

Fatima Uygun, from Govanhill Baths, commented: “This is truly awful. Please let us at Govanhill Baths know if there is anything you need!

“Anything we can help with we will.”