GLASGOW-BASED comedian Kevin Bridges has had his say on grass cutting last week.

The stand-up star, who grew up in Hardgate, caused hilarity when he called out West Dunbartonshire Council on an overgrown Goldenhill Park.

The 31-year-old had returned home to walk his golden Labrador, Annie, last Tuesday when he noticed the length of the grass.

True to form, he tweeted: “Here! WDCouncil. The Goldenhill Park could be doing with a trim... 2 tennis baws down. Dug not impressed... #wild #gowdiepark”.

The post stirred up a strong local reaction, with people cracking up at the comedian’s jovial banter before sharing their experience of the grass.

John Friel replied: “Your (sic) lucky I lost ma dug in that grass”.

Meanwhile, fellow Twitter user Ann Marmion joked: “Can you find my four golf balls hahaha”.

Recently the SNP-led council administration announced they would divert £270,000 into their greenspace budgets thanks to new Scottish Government money for school clothing grants.

In a statement on its website, WDC said: "The council agreed that the grass cutting budget would be reduced for 2015/16.

"In order to achieve this we have changed the frequency of some of our operations: Ceased cutting some areas to encourage Bio-diversity; Ceased maintaining banking’s that are difficult to cut (In recent years we have had some near misses on such steep banking’s, especially during wet weather). 

"These areas always have a maintained edge around paths and are maintained litter free."