MICK Jagger might have emerged from Edinburgh’s Balmoral Hotel with the rest of the band, but he wasn’t “slumming it”  there with them. 

Thousands of people turned out to watch the wrinkly rockers as they exited the hotel ahead of their sell-out gig at Murrayfield Stadium.  

But Mick pulled a fast one. He actually stayed at the prestigious Prestonfield House the night before the conert, and the day after with his ballerina beau Melanie Hamrick. 

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The pair spent some quality time together at the hotel while oblivious guests at a CHAS charity bash danced away to music at Friday night event The Rocking Horse Ball held in the grounds. 

Mick enjoyed a morning jog around the surrounding grounds and climb up the nearby Pentland hills where he met a local cow (the four-legged kind) on Saturday before heading into town early to meet with the rest of his group. 

He managed to sneak into the hotel via a side door at the station so it looked like he was with the rest of the band.  

After the gig he returned to Prestonfield for another night of chill before flying off on Sunday.