HAIRCUT One Hundred star Nick Heyward revealed he’d initially come to Glasgow years ago to meet Claire Grogan after becoming besotted with her in Gregory’s Girl – but met his wife instead. 

The two girls went to school together but Nick ended up falling for Glasgow-born Marion Killeen who shared a similar birthday.  

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He said: “I wanted to marry Claire. Everybody did at the time. You saw Gregory’s Girl and thought yeah. We’ve since got to know one another pretty well and have talked about it. I thought she wasn’t into me at all and she said ‘no I wasn’t’."

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Nick who was in Glasgow with his son who is now his sound engineer was appearing on STV’s Live At Five when we bumped into one another. 

As I went over the stories of the week I joked with him that I was due to have my Haircut 100 the next day.