A POPULAR West End hotel bar has won the right to let patrons enjoy their drinks in the sun.

The Lorne Hotel was given permission for a new outdoor seating area after an appeal to planning chiefs.

Despite safety concerns relating to the width of the Sauchiehall Street pavement, the owners are now allowed to have six tables and 12 chairs, as well as a barrier, on the street.

It came after an initial application was rejected earlier this year.

Speaking after the appeal was approved, architect Alex Patarova, from Sondh Associates, acting on behalf of the Lorne Hotel, said: “I was surprised because as far as I know most of the time decisions are upheld.

“It’s a pleasant surprise because the councillors were willing to compromise and think about aspects such as improving the amenity of the local area and supporting a local business.

“As someone who lives in the area I think this is positive. It will contribute to creating a more positive environment in the city.”

The approval came after concerns were raised by the three-person appeals panel.

Cecilia O’Lone told of how she feared for members of the public who may need to squeeze past the new seating area.

She said: “I know the area and I know the pavement isn’t that big. There is not an awful lot of space there, it’s very tight.”

Glenn Elder agreed and despite conceding that the plans would help grow the business, he chose to object.

Mr Elder added: “I think there is a concern with the tightness of the pavement.

“The one problem I have is that I got the impression when I went up and viewed this, that maneuvering might be difficult.

“I would have moved that we uphold the original decision to reject the proposals but I have been outnumbered.”

Anne McTaggart was the third panel member and she agreed with Ms O’Lone, who eventually gave her support to accept the proposals.

On concerns about how the neighbourhood would be affected, Ms McTaggart said: “I don’t think this encroaches on any residents’ homes.

“They are away at the other end of the street so it’s not going to annoy them.”

The Lorne Hotel had applied for seven tables and 14 seats but the councillors accepted the plans with the condition that a proposed table near the corner of Kelvingrove Street be dropped.