GLASGOW Science Centre (GSC) has had to cancel its popular summer programme - because of “a dry ice shortage.”

Scientists at the tourist attraction have blamed the World Cup and current heatwave for causing a supposed European shortage of carbon dioxide.

As people enjoy cold beers and carbonated soft drinks in the height of football fever, the centre will, instead, rerun The Pure Random Science Show in place of its summer one.

Resident GSC scientist Sam Langford explained: “At GSC, we use carbon dioxide in its solid form in our science shows to demonstrate a number of scientific phenomena.

“However, recently we’ve had some trouble obtaining dry ice from our suppliers due to a European shortage of CO2.

“Due to maintenance requirements for producers, there is now a shortage of this cool product.

“Our plans for our brand new summer show have been put on hold.

“While this is a small problem for GSC, dry ice and other forms of CO2 being in short supply is a major problem for a number of industries for whom it’s an essential product.

“In the food industry, it plays important role in preserving foods such as fresh meats and salads, as well as for carbonating fizzy drinks and beer; bad news for all those football fans at the World Cup.

“It’s also essential for some medical procedures, for improving the quality of crude oil extraction and in its gas form is seen as the most humane method of slaughtering animals for human consumption.”

GSC will try to source a supply of dry ice and hopes to bring visitors the new summer science show soon, “probably after the World Cup is over,” said bosses.