GLASGOW'S parks should not be used for "revenue generating mega events" that exclude people who can't afford high ticket prices, it has been claimed.

The call has come following part of Kelvingrove Park being closed off for Fiesta x FOLD with access to a main cycle route blocked off.

Council bosses permitted the two-day event in the park, closing off a section to the public.

Local resident Lizzie Smith said: "I’m concerned at the increasing use of our public parks for commercial events - some of which feature eye-watering ticket prices of £80 and up.

"This is not a protest about events in parks; activities are always welcome at a scale and location appropriate to the park - the point is that these need to be for the community and welcoming to all, not just those with deep pockets or specific music tastes.

"Elaborate festival-style events that take over a week in install and dismantle are completely unsuitable for a public park that also provides key walking and cycling routes through the city.

"High-ticket price events also determine that barriers become monstrous and defensive as the promoters must secure their revenue away from prying eyes who might have the audacity to enjoy the event for free.

"What kind of image is this giving of our city?"

Fiesta x FOLD, featuring Emile Sande and Nile Rodgers, ran on the same weekend as TRNSMT took over Glasgow Green.

The West End event was criticised for lengthy queues for food and drink with some saying it would be better suited to the Kelvingrove Bandstand.

Cyclists criticised the closing of a cycle route that makes up part of the national cycle route.

Glasgow’s Green MSP Patrick Harvie said: “Kelvingrove Park serves as a major section of Glasgow’s cycle and active travel network that thousands of people rely on for travel every day.

"To have such a large section arbitrarily closed off to users for a private event, apparently without the proper notice, sends a message to cyclists and pedestrians that they are less respected than motorists and the private companies looking to make a profit in our public parks.”

On Twitter, Iain McLarty said: "One of Glasgow City Council's main cycling routes is blocked for a week.

"If a major road was closed to motor traffic you would get closed signs, diversion signs and signs telling you when the closure was finishing."

This weekend Victoria Park will be used to host FriendsFest, an event based on the American sit-com.

Campaigners have been petitioning the council to use money raised from the festival to pay for the upkeep of under-threat historic flowerbeds.

Lizzie said the council should use underused land for hosting events, rather than impinging on parks.

She added: "I’m asking for Glasgow City Council to think a bit more laterally here - if our city needs revenue generating mega-events such as Fiesta x FOLD and TRNSMT then how about at least discussing the potential of utilising the swathes of underused land that blights our city rather than imposing on and deteriorating our public parks at the time we need them the most with schools out and the weather great.

"I wonder how many Glasgow residents have had to look for other ways to spend their leisure time as the parks are busy enough at the best of times never mind with access and huge sections cordoned off. "It’s time to think a bit more creatively about how we use space in the city and hold onto the right to the common spaces of our parks for the inclusive purpose they were intended."

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “While access has been restricted while the event organiser dismantles the festival site, the wider park remains open to the public.

“Diversions have been in place and people on bikes are fully able to cross the park if they so wish.

“Our parks host a huge range of events each year for everyone from local community groups and charities to sports organisers and promoters of music festivals.

“The income generated from hosting events in the city’s parks goes towards supporting the work of our Land and Environment Services department.”

A spokeswoman for Fiesta x FOLD said: "Kelvingrove Park is an incredible space and we are very honoured to have held our first Fiesta x FOLD there.

"We understand how important the park is to so many people and as such worked closely with Glasgow City Council to ensure that large sections of it indeed remained open.

"Fiesta x FOLD was enjoyed by thousands of people from Glasgow, Scotland, the UK and internationally, many of whom were visiting Glasgow for the first time.

"It is exciting that the Glasgow is able to host fantastic events in these beautiful spaces that can be enjoyed by people from across the world."