Police are appealing for information after a Paisley nursery was the target of arson twice in one week resulting in damage to the roof of the building.

The two recent incidents of suspected fire raisings happened at Hillview Nursery Blackstoun Road, Paisley.

Childrens outside toys were first set alight last weekend.

The second incident occurred overnight between July 4 and 5, resulting in wooden items and tyres being set on fire within the grounds of the nursery which caused damage to the roof area of the building.

Community Policing Sgt Stevie Airlie said: "Apart from the financial impact on the nursery, this type of incident causes upset to the staff, parents and children alike.

"There is also a risk of fire spreading and causing significant damage and danger to residents.

"It appears that those responsible may be youths and therefore I would like to ask parents to be aware of their Childrens whereabouts and activities especially if they are out late in the evening."

Any information regarding these incidents can be reported via Police Scotland's telephone number 101.