A BENEFITS cheat who overclaimed £40,000 said he didn't like to travel but took 839 flights over nine years.

Sahin Lim, 61, who was jailed for 22 months earlier this year has been ordered to repay £1 - but will have to pay more if he comes into money.

Lim benefited by having international flights paid for him to countries including Australia, America, Thailand and Ecuador.

The Department for Work and Pensions later learned that over the period of the charges, £426,625 went in to his undeclared accounts, and £423,436 left again.

Lim, from Partick, admitted receiving £16,491 income support, employment support allowance and jobseekers allowance, between April 1, 2005 and May 9, 2014.

Between April 25, 2005 and April 21, 2015 he received £23,508 for housing and council tax benefit, all without declaring a change of circumstances.

He appeared in court again under Proceeds of Crime proceedings where the order was granted.

If Lim comes into more money in the future the Crown can make an application to take more from him.

Glasgow Sheriff Court earlier heard Lim had been receiving some means tested benefits since April 2002 and others since 2010.

When applying for them, he claimed he had savings of around £200 between two bank accounts.

During the period of the charges, Lim completed 45 forms and applications where he failed to declare a change of circumstances.

Fiscal depute Richard Hill said: “During this period, Lim completed several medical assessment forms in relation to his employment support allowance claim.

“Within the forms the accused stated he would only go outdoors if he had an appointment, that he did not like going outdoors alone, spends the majority of his time in his house and does not like travelling.”