Especially for you

JASON Donovan was spotted ‘taps aff’ in Glasgow before appearing as the the surprise guest at Ross King’s big party.

Passers by couldn’t believe it when they spotted the Aussie heartthrob in town without any clothes on his upper half.

He was quietly sunning himself in a not so private garden area just off Bath Street.

Smelly Cat

AMY Macdonald gave Friends star Phoebe a run for her money when she tried out her own rendition of ‘smelly cat’ on the set of the famed US series.

Amy tried out Phoebe’s guitar for size at Central Perk and now fans are urging her to release a cover of the song.

I popped into the incredible Friends Fest in Victoria Park and was in my element as I hopped around the sets from the famous series. It’s on until Sunday and definitely worth a look if you’re a big fan.

Coronation beat

SCOTS viewers of Coronation Street might have seen a familiar face on their screens this week.

The true identity of the doctor with the Scottish accent was bugging people, some of whom thought it was Emmerdale’s Natalie Robb.

It turned out to be Karen Bartke, who can usually be seen on BBC’s Scots Squad.

She told pals she was chuffed to get the role on the soap while Jack Webster underwent his amputation, but she’s now back to being plain old officer Karen.