THE SCRAPPING of a Young Scot discount for Glasgow’s council-run gyms could lower the amount of young gym-goers by 68 per cent, a survey suggests.

Glasgow Life got rid of the £39 for six months for those aged between 16 and 19 with a Young Scot card as it was “unsustainably low”.

It would now be in line with the general junior membership which rose from £14.50 per month to £15 and has wider access in terms of living outside the boundary or not being in education. They also extended junior membership to aged 21 from 18.

EQIA Sports Pricing survey indicated 68 per cent of 59 young respondents would “probably not” get the membership after scrapping the Young Scot price.

A senior SNP city councillor acknowledged the survey but told a full meeting of Glasgow City Council youth membership is increasing.

David McDonald, deputy leader of the council, said: “I think the key phrase in the question in the EQIA is ‘probably’.

“Early indications from data available shows that member sales across all age groups – including young people – have increased significantly.

“This is compared to our year on year comparisons since the launch of our new membership options in May.”

Greens councillor Kim Long had tabled the question to the deputy leader at the meeting. She was concerned that the price hike could take youngsters away from sport.

Scotland’s obesity problem is unchanging – with two thirds of people overweight and a further 29 per cent obese, the same as 10 years ago.

Glasgow councillors are seeking to combat this by promoting physical activity across the city.

Ms Long welcomed Mr McDonald’s statement on increasing membership to Glasgow Life gyms, Glasgow Club.

She said: “It’s certainly really good to hear there’s been an increase in up take and I hope lessons can be learned and we can continue to sustain that.”

A spokeswoman for Glasgow Sport said the city’s gyms are still lower than averagely priced for young people.

She added: “Since the introduction of new memberships, we have seen almost 1,000 new FitClub memberships within this age group – showing that many young people in and around Glasgow are making the most of a competitively low price to get fit and active with Glasgow Club.

“In order to make the transition easier for previous Young Scot customers, since May we have been offering a one-off price of six months for a single payment of £60 when their current Young Scot membership expires, representing a saving of £30.”