Hundreds of addresses require a police escort for ambulance crews to enter in the greater Glasgow area.

A Freedom of Information request by the Conservatives found there were 820 addresses where safety concerns mean a police presence is needed.

There are more than 2500 “Red Flagged” addresses in Scotland due to safety fears.

Details were only given by postcode area due to patient confidentiality restrictions

In Edinburgh and the Lothians EH postcode the number was 469.

The figures showed 216 red flag addresses in Lanarkshire’s ML postcode zone, and 191 in Ayrshire

Annie Wells, Conservative MSP for Glasgow called for a tougher approach from courts for people found guilty of assaulting or obstructing emergency workers.

She said: “It’s quite shocking to see there are more than 2500 addresses where they can’t safely go about their work.

“No paramedic should ever fear for their own wellbeing, especially when they are dedicating their lives to helping others.

She added: “We clearly need to do more to keep them safe, which means tough action from the courts when those assaulting, or threatening to assault, ambulance workers are caught.

“That’s the least we could do.”