THIS is the first sight of the demolition on Sauchiehall Street where a block has been reduced to rubble.

The building, which was once home to popular nightclub Victoria’s, has been removed from the main shopping thoroughfare.

Building control experts condemned the property after it was ravaged by a fire on March 22.

As well as the nightclub, Specsavers and a local convenience store were torn down during the brick-by-brick demolition process.

A cordon surrounding the site has been pulled back to allow access to businesses who have now been out of action for over four months.

But the Pavilion Theatre, which was saved by firefighters as the blaze took hold, will be unable to open for at least another two months, according to general manager Iain Gordon.

The theatre boss has voiced his disappointed at the treatment of businesses, including Molly Malones, Via Italia, Savers and McDonalds, by Glasgow City Council.

In a letter addressed to residents and businesses affected by the Sauchiehall Street fire obtained yesterday by the Evening Times, he said: “We invited along to our meetings major politicians in the hope that they could help us and all we got was spin, waffle and weak words of concern.

“Where are they all now? Have they followed up on anything? I certainly have not heard a word or received any assistance or guidance from any of them and have asked them again to give us help.

“Building Control have had it their way long enough and the cries of danger to the public and risk to human life are all but washed out now.

“At the Victoria’s end there is simply no danger to the public – it’s funny how they can carry out the demolition of Queen Street station but still keep the operation going in the streets around it.

"Yes, there is disruption but it seems to be semi organised disruption."

While some businesses have relocated, the future of the old Victoria’s nightclub site remains unknown.

Council workers confirmed that any decisions on what will happen to the land will be taken by its owners, believed to be the WGY group.

The company previously submitted plans to open a £6million luxury hotel adjoining the club.

Back in 2010, WGY said the hotel would ‘dramatically improve the appeal of the area, positioning Sauchiehall Street as an upmarket location to work, rest and play.’

A sky bar was also included in plans, which would be accessible by Victoria’s, described by the company having ‘moved away from being a typical dance venue’ instead seeing itself as a ‘chilled style suite, attracting Glasgow’s trendy set’.