WARNING - Contains imagery readers may find upsetting

TWO bird-brained thugs who laughed as their devil dog mauled a baby swan to death in front of horrified onlookers are being hunted after being caught on secret camera.

Distressing pictures show the lifeless cygnet lying on a can tow path with its neck broken after the savage attack.

Witnesses say the bird was mauled by an akita-type dog which was being walked by two Asian men last Thursday (26/7) afternoon.

Shockingly, when a member of the public tried to intervene the men attempted to break the bird’s neck before casually walking away.

A disgusted passerby secretly filmed the men with their mutt shortly after the attack on the Wednesbury Oak Loop canal path, in Bradley, West Mids.

The RSPCA have now released the footage and graphic pictures of the dead cygnet in a desperate bid to track the yobs down.

RSPCA Inspector Nayman Dunderdale said: "The dog grabbed hold of the cygnet and dragged it down the path for around 30 metres (90ft) while they laughed.

“A member of the public shouted at them and the dog threw the bird into the air before letting it go.

“They then reported that the men went over to pick it up and tried to break its neck before walking off.”

The cygnet died a short while after the attack. Two adult swans and four other cygnets remained on the water.

Inspector Dunderdale added: “As a dog owner you should always have your pet under control in public spaces - particularly when there are people or animals around.

“We encourage owners to keep their dogs on leads when they’re in areas with wildlife and wild birds.

“This is an awful incident which left a poor, defenceless cygnet with devastating injuries that ultimately cost it its life.

“It’s disgusting that these men allowed their dog to attack this vulnerable bird in such a

violent manner and that they didn’t attempt to intervene and help the bird.

“In fact, they seemed to find the whole event entertaining which is simply despicable."