If Rangers were in the position that Celtic are just now – money in the bank, a proven manager in the dug-out and genuine quality all over the pitch – they would go out and look to bury Celtic by making the gap on and off the park even bigger.

And that’s exactly what I think Celtic should do now.

There is quality at Celtic just now. There is no question about that. There are genuine assets in the likes of Kieran Tierney and Moussa Dembele while Odsonne Edouard has shown that you get what you pay for.

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I suspect that as the game goes on and Rosenborg leave more and more space as they look for openings, that Celtic should be able to exploit the gaps that they will leave in their wake.

The French striker has had an exceptional start to the season and has shown that when you invest in quality more often than not you see that return on the pitch. Long may it continue for him.

The club should be lauded for their investment in Edouard. He looks sharp and raw and hungry and full of potential and the absolute overall feel of him is that he is a player of genuine quality.

But if Celtic could add three or four players of that ilk before the transfer window shuts then I think you can essentially put Rangers out of sight.

If I was in that Celtic dressing room just now I would want to se a couple of players come in that could just kick us on to the next level.

You have back-to-back trebles sitting there. It is an achievement that has never been done in the Scottish game. You have the money from two successive outings in the group stages of the Champions League, the most prestigious club tournament there is, and there is scope now to go and kick Celtic onto another plane again.

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We are all realistic. There isn’t going to be the vast sums that float about the English market available. Everyone would appreciate that but I think that if there are two or three that would just put you at a level that really allows you to flex your muscles in a European context that would allow Celtic to go and bury Rangers, really.

As a Celtic player, you don’t want to give them even a sniff of hope. You never want to be resting on your laurels or to be seen to be. You always want to be ready to go to the next level.

At this minute in time I still think that Celtic are a million miles in front of Rangers. But from that position of strength you can really drive home just how dominant you are.

You would have to tip your hat to Celtic and to how they do their business. They have been well managed for a long time and in terms of finances they are run sensibly as a business.

But there is money there now in the bank after Brendan Rodgers came in and took them twice into the group stages of the Champions League. The latest figures that were released by the club showed a healthy balance and really now it is up to Brendan to go and find the money that he needs to strengthen the squad.

It doesn’t need huge surgery. He has kept the players hungry, there is a great spirit about them and there is always the feeling that they would always have enough domestically. But to go and take it on another bit then any manager will tell you that they could always add a little bit of quality to the squad.

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It is not about numbers. Celtic don’t need players coming in to bolster the squad. But they do need a little bit of quality that will not only elevate them to the next level but also leave Rangers trailing in their wake for the considerable future.

I just think that there are light years between the teams just now. Off the park Celtic are well organised and well run and on it they show no signs of letting up. You have to applaud them for bringing Edouard to the club this summer because he wasn’t cheap and there is not another team in Scotland who could have afforded him.

But I suspect that Brendan’s case will be pretty convincing if there is a player that he really wants to push the boat out for. If you can match his ambition on the park then then you can really keep the club going in the direction that it wants to.