WHEN Meagan Neves arrived at St Thomas Aquinas Secondary teachers immediately spotted she was gifted.

It was only six weeks to go before assignment submission for the National 5 exams.

But Meagan entered for four subjects - chemistry, English, maths and physics - and gained three Band 1 As and one Band 2 A.

Showing this success was no fluke, Meagan has now achieved success in five Highers and an Advanced Higher with straight As.

Meagan and her family moved from Goa, in India, to Glasgow and said they had heard about how good the city's schools are.

Meagan studied Higher and Advanced Higher maths - her passion.

The 18-year-old said: "I love maths. People think that is slightly odd but I'm genuinely one of these unusual people who find maths fun.

"In sixth year I'm going to study Higher Mechanics, which is a mix of maths and physics because I would be parched without maths."

Meagan is now torn between applying to study pure maths or medicine at university.

And she plans to make the most of the year before going to uni by getting involved in extra-curricular activities.

She is part of her school's St Vincent de Paul and Caritas groups, volunteering to help others.

Meagan added: "Education and opportunities are so much more abundant here than in Goa."