COPS have appealed to the victim of a sexual assault to come forward after a post circulated social media detailing her plight.

It is claimed that the woman was subjected to a sexual assault in the North East of the city last Friday.

The post on Facebook was by a motorist who cared for the woman after the incident. She told social media users that she thought long and hard before making the story public.

She said: " I was on my way back home at 12.45am when I saw what I thought was a drunk woman staggering on Wallacewell Road.

"I slowed down the car to see if she was ok. It turns out it was a young girl and she had just been stopped in the street by stranger who got out of his car and seriously sexually assaulted her.

"Once I got the girl safely into my car and found out how young she was, I felt the best thing I could do was to get her home to her mum.

"I won't go into any more details other than this happened in the area between Stobhill Road/Wallacewell Road and this predator is still out there."

The post continues: "My son and his friends think it's fine to wander about the streets at all hours, in all conditions, often alone and nothing will happen to them. It's simply not the case.

"I'm posting this because I couldn't bear to feel responsible if it happened to someone else and I hadn't said something.

"Please let your kids know that there is someone in the area who is a serious risk to them and their friends."

Police Scotland said that the incident had not been reported to them but the force urged the victim to come forward.

A force spokeswoman said: "We have not received a report of an incident of this nature. We will be conducting enquiries into this matter."

She added that the force would urge the victim or witness to get in touch with Police Scotland via 101.