HUNDREDS of people enjoying the sporting action at Glasgow 2018 also picked up some life-saving training. 

Students from Glasgow Caledonian University gave demonstrations in CPR heart rescusitation at Go Live! at the Green, which has been running throughout the European Championships.

GCU students joined volunteers from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Police Scotland, the British Red Cross and British Heart Foundation, among others, to pass on the life-saving lessons organised by Save A Life For Scotland.

It comes as the fifth Scottish council has pledged to teach every secondary pupil CPR in support of the Evening Times' Glasgow's Got Heart campaign.

Lauren McQueer, 26, a nursing student, said: “Lots of children have been wanting to learn because they see what’s going on and it looks interesting and fun.

“I think CPR should be mandatory for young people because you never know when you might need it. I’ve seen it first hand and it’s not a nice thing, but if you’re prepared you can deal with it.”

Students from GCU were also on hand to help some of the world’s top triathletes recover after the gruelling ETU Triathlon European Championships.

A team of about 10 first-year physio students volunteered to offer remedial massage to those competing in the Elite Team Relay and Age Group Sprint Distance events at Strathclyde Country Park.