Residents of Newton Mearns demanded answers at an emotional public meeting held last night after three drug-related deaths in a fortnight. 

Politicians and police officers were grilled by local people who claim they are now faced with “Walking Dead-style” zombies walking their streets. 

Organisers said they were holding the meeting to allay fears of Mearns Village residents who are concerned about the apparent widespread drug use in their area. 

In the past 10 days brothers John and Scott Mitchell, as well Leigh McCracken, have all been found dead just streets from each other. 

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It is feared that all three deaths are linked to drug misuse but are themselves unrelated.  

Devastated neighbours blamed an influx of social rented tenants who are causing cracks in their community. 

Council leader Tony Buchanan told the public they were trying to identify the minority who were causing problems. 

Agitated members of the public claimed that the problem of drug use in the Mearns was widespread and common knowledge, but the close-knit community seldom turn on their own. 

However, they said the recent tragic deaths in the Mearns have tipped them over the edge.

One resident said: “We want to get the place cleaned out now, we’ve had enough. 

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“We want rid of all this trash that has been dumped on our doorsteps. There are druggies and hookers bringing every strange man from the countryside to my street. People talk of leafy Newton Mearns, but this place is a dumping ground.

“We need to better ways of dealing with this.”

Others told of elderly residents being hounded for their medication and cash, and “spaced out” neighbours approaching schoolchildren to beg. 

One mother claimed that she was forced to intervene after her son pulled a blade from his family’s hedge after an incident the night before.

When she called the police she was informed that police did not have resources to remove the item. 

Residents claimed that if these problems persist, the people of Newton Mearns will take matters into their own hands.  

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They said: “We can’t have any more deaths. Things are escalating every day in the scheme.  What do we do when people want to take revenge? We’ll see people taking things into their own hands.”

One Anderson Drive resident, where the latest body was uncovered, said: “People with drug problems have to go somewhere, we understand that. But there are bad ones here, and they need to go.” Another said: “You have put the scum of the earth in our town.”

Police told the crowd there was a serious lack of drug reports from the public.  Officers, they said, were limited in the intelligence gained from the public, which is hampering their attempts to unearth the source of the problem. 

A spokesman added: “We are unable to comment on an ongoing investigation.

“Let me assure the public that this issue is of the highest importance to us and will continue to be until it is resolved. 

“As we have said, if anyone experiences any of these issues please do get in touch with us.”