Michelle Mone has branded Alison Thewliss MP a 'moron' for criticising her daughter's decision to take part in reality TV.

The SNP MP for Glasgow Central criticised Bethany Mone for appearing on Channel 4 show Born Famous.

Comedian Janey Godley also weighed in on the debate which has seen the mother and daughter accused of exploiting Glasgow's poorest communities.

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The 19-year-old will be returning to the East End of the city where her now Baroness mother was born and raised during filming.

Creators have said the programme aims to show teenage children of self-made stars what life might have been like had their parents not made their fortunes.

Ms Thewliss called the show "poverty safari" and hit out at Michelle Mone for exploiting her roots.

She tweeted: "Utterly despicable exploitation of a kind, close-knit community.

"No area deserves "poverty safari" treatment, but particularly cruel of @MichelleMone to use East End roots to pick on Bridgeton, which has seen change led by local people, supported @clydegateway. @bridgeton_cc."

The bra tycoon took to Twitter on Tuesday to defend her decision to appear on the show.

She wrote: "I have to address some of the horrendous comments going around on social media re the new Channel 4 show I am partaking in.

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"The rumours are frankly false gossip. My daughter Bethany has had an invaluable and overwhelmingly positive experience filming recently.

"It’s so disappointing that people have made a snap judgement on what the series is about and I hope they will reserve further judgement for when they are able to view it.

"After people watch it a lot of people will owe us a big apology."

She added: "I have so much respect for my background, home and the people of Glasgow especially the East End which you’ll be able to see very soon.

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"Another SNP moron opening their mouth again without knowing the facts and trying to cause trouble."

The views of the SNP politician were echoed by Glasgow comedian Janey Godley who posted a lengthy statement on Facebook.

She wrote: "My daughter Ashley Storrie was raised in the Calton amongst the best people with the worst heroin and addiction habits- amidst grinding poverty.

"She had a pretty privileged life despite that.

"She knows I grew up poor - I told her what it was like. She believed me and we now try and both give back and pay it forward, I don’t need to send her back to the Calton to live with a ‘poor’ family to understand how hard life is, because she understands my lived experience."

Adding: "Michelle Mone is thrusting her “Instagram famous daughter” into poverty safari for TV likes and attention.

"Let the lassie grow up and grasp her wider community with grace and understanding.

"Michelle Mone is a Tory who voted against giving the poorest people decent living benefits and now wants to do a “Bridgeton Kardashian” to give her daughter some air time - it’s vulgar and steps on the values of every East Ender I know. Shame on her as a parent."

Godley previously stated that Michelle Mone had blocked her on social media for speaking out against Tory policies.

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The statements received a mixed response on Twitter with several users also criticising the decision to appear on the show.

Les Ross commented: "You voted to remove the benefits of these unfortunate people the benefits your own father used to claim now you arrive to film the consequences of your actions. Words cannot express the loathing I feel for you."

Alice Doyle added: "Glad to hear your daughter got a lot out of it. Can you explain what you think the communities in the show will get out of it?"