WHO do you think has the most to gain from the new TV show, Born Famous, where children of celebrity parents visit deprived areas?

They will spend time in areas where their famous parent grew up supposedly to see what life could have been like for them.

The show will feature the daughter of Michelle Mone who, with her ex-husband, built up a successful underwear brand.

For some reason, 19-year-old Bethany will visit Bridgeton, despite her mother reportedly growing up in Dennistoun.

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According to Channel 4, the children of celebrities will be “paired with a local teenager to find out how their lives would have turned out” had their parent not found success, wealth and fame.

Gordon Ramsay’s son Jack will feature. The show is made by Studio Ramsay, which just happens to be owned by the famous chef.

Spice Girl, Mel B’s daughter, Phoenix Chi and ex-footballer Paul Ince’s daughter, Ria, also feature.

Ms Mone has been criticised for her involvement. The local MP Alison Thewliss said it was “utterly despicable exploitation”.

Spending a week or a few weeks in Bridgeton will not give young Bethany the faintest idea of what it is like to be raised in one of the most deprived areas of the UK.

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She may well see things and hear stories she has never heard before, but it will not make her understand what life is like or could have been like.

She will never understand the despair some people feel at struggling by on benefits, the hopelessness of long term unemployment or a succession of insecure, low paid jobs or the anguish of losing people to the worst ravages of drug addiction.

I doubt she will even recognise the sense of community among the many people striving against the odds to make the area better.

It is once more a television production company poking its lens into the lives of poor people as a curiosity for middle class viewers.

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It may well be a springboard to celebrity for young Ms Mone or Master Ramsay and appearances on I’m a Celebrity, Dancing On Ice, in the Jungle or whatever may beckon.

But for the teenagers they are paired with, what will become of them?

Remember The Scheme, a well-made documentary which made some of the residents of Onthank in Ayrshire famous for 15 minutes?

Or Benefits Street, which made some of the Birmingham residents household names for a month or so.

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It didn’t have any impact on poverty in these areas, benefited the subjects little, if at all, instead they were exploited for voyeuristic purposes, before the cameras packed up and on to the next stop on the poverty express.

Next stop will be Bridgeton, with its low life expectancy, health inequality, chronic unemployment, and drug problems.

Michelle Mone is a Tory Peer in the House of Lords, appointed by David Cameron.

She has friends in high places who have real influence and who could make a difference if they wanted to. Perhaps she would do better convincing Theresa May or some of the cabinet to spend a week living in Bridgeton.

Bridgeton is in need of many things. The over-privileged daughter of Michelle Mone using it as a step on the celebrity ladder is not one of them.