SIX fans have been detained following a confrontation between Rangers fans and Slovenian police ahead of the club's Europa League match against Maribor.

Police in Maribor say officers took action to stop fights ahead of the game after fans attacked their officers.

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Video emerged of police clashing with Rangers fans in and around Grajski Trg square in Maribor.

Glass bottles could be heard breaking as members of the local special police unit came to protect an area around the square, according to local reports.

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Some officers could be seen carrying riot shields and batons.

In one clip a youth falls to the ground after a confrontation with a police officer before making an escape.

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Some Rangers fans complained that Maribor police were using pepper spray and batons on fans.

Six fans are understood to have been detained due to threats of fights.

A Maribor Police Directorate spokesman said: "Because of the attack on police officers and the violation of public order, we are dealing with several foreign citizens. Some of them were arrested.

The police force said that officers carried out a "preventive measure without the use of force" and it is understood have already given fine to two Scottish fans.  

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Ex referee and Rangers fan Jeff Winter, who witnessed the trouble said: "The local police force warmed up after their truncheon twitching fingers were unleashed on everyone in sight. Women, old men anyone in their path. I’ve heard about it, now I’ve seen it first hand.

"They couldn’t wait. Great atmosphere in the square, then everyone frog matched to the ground. Don’t know what instigated it but they just waded into the group batons waving spraying gas into the crowd."

Earlier this afternoon, Police Scotland warned fans to "please stay safe during the day" adding that they should "remember your personal awareness tonight and take direction from the local police".

The warning relayed on the Rangers website said: "There is lots capacity at Castle Square in the city centre, which is where we recommend fans congregate during the day and prior to the match.

"Fans are asked to stay within the square and to not travel too far from there as it is central and very close to the stadium. "

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Fans congregated in the square were due to walk together to the stadium at 6:30pm.

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There was to be a fifteen minute hold back following the match, and fans were to be escorted back to the city centre thereafter.

Police Scotland said officers were deployed in the town centre to provide any support and assistance when required.

Maribor police had further warned that they would be armed with video "to effectively ensure the safety of people and property and to monitor and document police procedures".  

Video recording would be used in places in Maribor, where fans usually gather as well as in and around the stadium, from the ground and the air.

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Police Scotland were unable to comment on the trouble on Thursday night.

Rangers drew 0-0 with Maribor in the away leg and with a 3-1 aggregate win have a place in the Europa League play-off round.

Some 650 fans were thought to have made the trip to Slovenia and there were also contrasting scenes of high-spirits and singing.

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