A HUNKY Colin Farrell look-a-like who has been announced as Britain's most sought after bachelor has issued some advice to single women on dating apps.

Brian Hallworth, 46, was revealed as Plenty of Fish's (PoF) top dreamboat after a flurry of messages from single women looking for love.

Brian, who works as a Colin Farrell impersonator, had been on the look out for Mrs Hallworth-to-be since January when he downloaded the dating app.

But after 10 dates in the past eight months and hundreds of messages - Brian is still on with his search - after blaming women using filters on snaps they use on the site.

Brian, from Warrington, Merseyside, said: "I try and stick local and have been on about 10 dates so far.

"None have been bad - I've not had any bad experiences really going out on dates, but a few of the girls I've met in real life have had these filters on their pictures.

"And then when I've been to meet them they don't look exactly like the do in pictures.

"I'm like 'Jesus Christ you look different' - you know what I mean."

The eye-catching features similar to the Irish actor have obviously done the job for Brian after being revealed as one of the top messaged men this week by the dating site.

Brian said: "I’m really flattered to be one of the top guys to be messaged, it makes you feel a bit more confident in yourself, which is always good.

"It was a bit of a shock to be honest, someone had messaged me from PoF to tell me they were sending out a story about it and I was in shock.

"I'm very much enjoying being single - and loving all the attention, you can't knock it."

Adding: "But, of course, you can't let it go to your head."

House renovator and part-time impersonator Brian revealed the key to a first date is to 'keep it simple' - and the next date is 'all in the kiss'.

He added: "A few drinks, somewhere where we both feel comfortable, then arrange a second date - but only after I’ve kissed her though, it’s all in the kiss.

"Obviously, the woman has to be attractive and if there is chemistry and a good kiss - then there will be a second date."

The bachelor revealed that he had married his fiancee of two years abroad last summer, but says that he is still trying to find out if the ceremony was legally binding.

"I've always been in relationships," said Brian. "But, I'm just really enjoying being single now and put the last year behind me.

"I got 'married' last year, but it didn't work out and I'm still trying to find out if I need an annulment or what because I don't know if the ceremony was genuine."

Brian said he has been on 10 dates and has 'driven miles and miles' to meet the wonderful women in the dating pool.

Asked if an application to Love Island is on the cards, Brian replied: "I think I'm too old, believe it or not I'm 46 - so I think I'll be too old."

Adding: "Do they do one for older people?"

Brian usually gets a lot of attention at events - opening cinemas, restaurants and attending venues - while dressed as the Irish actor Colin.

He added: "I'm used to a lot of attention, but I was loving life when I found out I was the most messaged man.

"I'm actually three years older than Colin - but people don't believe me when I tell them how old I am."