STEVEN GERRARD hopes Europa League opponents Ufa can fight their way through their visa red tape and make it to Ibrox this week.

The Russians could be forced to forfeit their play-off round clash if they can’t secure the relevant paperwork to allow them to make the trip to Glasgow.

President Shamil Gazizov has described the situation as ‘very difficult’ and ‘challenging’ and said: "We hope they are able to accelerate the process, but we will know for certain what is happening on Monday.

"We have been told even the accelerated process takes a minimum of five days so that would obviously not be enough time for us."

The situation is set to become clearer today as Ufa attempt to secure a fast-track visa from the British Embassy ahead of Thursday’s first leg clash.

And Ibrox boss Gerrard is keen to get the match on following European wins over Shkupi, Osijek and Maribor in recent weeks.

He said: “That is not my problem. I heard about it just before the game and we will have to wait and see how that pans out. I hope they get them and I hope they come.

“We are in a good place, we are looking forward to the game and the challenge and we want Ibrox to be rocking again for another great European night.

“We will see what happens. It is not really for me to comment on. I hope they get the issue resolved and we look forward to the challenge. I can’t wait to walk out at Ibrox with it bouncing.”