TV PSYCHIC Sally Morgan has invoked fury among Scottish viewers of Celebrity Big Brother after becoming embroiled in a heated debate over independence.

Morgan, 67, brought up the topic with Glasgow comedian and fellow contestant Hardeep Singh Kohli in which she repeatedly fumed: “Let ‘em have it, let ‘em have it back.”

The debate, broadcast on Channel 5 on Sunday night, began when 49-year-old Kohli attempted to explain how the American electoral system worked compared with the UK’s.

The funnyman, from Bishopbriggs, explained: “I am no fan of Ukip but, in 2015, Ukip got just under five million votes and got no seats in Parliament. The SNP got two million votes and got 56 seats. I am an SNP card-carrying member, will be a member of the Scottish Parliament and a minister in Government - hopefully, one day.”

Morgan then asked Kohli whether he wanted another independence referendum.

“I just want my country to be restored,” he said.

Sally hit back: “You can have it back then. That’s what I say. Let ‘em have it. Let ‘em have Scotland.”

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A confused Kohli - who was an outspoken ‘yes’ supporter, and who joined the SNP in 2014 - asked: “Why?”

Sally said: “Well, because, I think that they will then mess it up. Let ‘em have it back.”

An agitated Kohli quipped: “Oh, do you? So, you’re not saying it from a ‘we-wish-our-neighbours-well’ point-of-view? It’s f*** you? You think we’ll mess it up?”

Sally fumed: “They keep going on and on about it. When I go up there and I go in shops - which I do a lot, I shop a lot - and I get the youngsters saying to me, because they hear I’ve got an English accent, when I’m up there giving them work and they say to me, ‘Oh, we want our country back’. I turn round and say to them, ‘I want you to have your country back, mate’. Have it back - and see how well you do. See how well you do. ‘Cause we give ‘em so much per person.”

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A sarcastic Kohli said: “Oh, do you? You think so?”

“Don’t we? Explain to me that we don’t then?,” said Sally.

“Okay, well, you don’t, “ hit back Kohli. “In the last 21 of 22 years, Scots have given more to the exchequer in London. Scotland keeps England afloat financially.”

“Yeah,” said Sally, before the camera cut away from the conversation.

Twitter users quickly took to the site to blast Morgan for being “ignorant” and Kohli gathered praise for defending his argument.

One Twitter user fumed: “Have your receipts in order before you talk politics with Hardeep, Sally. You attacked his home nation and made some very negative generalisations, so don’t be upset when he challenges those generalisations.”

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Another user insisted the Scottish independence debate between both “didn’t end there,” adding: “I want to see what went down. Let me know how your ticket sales go next time your in Scotland, Sally.”

“Sally accusing Hardeep of being opinionated after correcting her ignorant views on Scotland,” said one.

“The only reason people don’t like Hardeep is because he’s intelligent and politically correct. Sally is just rude,” was another comment.

One wrote: “Hardeep to win. Get Sally out. Hardeep wants Indyref2, but Sally wants us to get Scotland back because we wouldn’t be able to handle it. Bring on Indyref2 to show the ‘psychic’ that we can do it. Like Hardeep says, ‘Scotland keeps England funded’.”

“Psychic Sally was dissing Scotland with Hardeep. Scotland is subsidised by England - oh that old card, doll,” wrote one user.

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“Well, Sally has just p****d off most of Scotland with her judgements of Scotland. Hardeep, get her telt,” said another.

One shocked commenter said: “Anyone else see a clip of Hardeep and physic Sally? Her response to Scottish independence - wow. Vote for Hardeep. He told her!!”

“Wish I hadn’t watched Celebrity Big Brother tonight,” said one woman. “Absolutely raging at that conversation between Hardeep and Sally.”

“Hardeep is clearly interested and well-informed about politics,” wrote another. “Sally, on the other hand, has formed her political opinions based on a knee-jerk reaction to supposed comments from ‘youngsters in shops’ who should have just been grateful for her custom.”

Morgan is also a stage psychic who has appeared in shows such as Sally Morgan: Star Psychic and The Psychic Life of Sally Morgan. She claims to have seen a ghost at the age of four, and has also penned a number of books, including Life After Death and Healing Spirits.

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In 2011, she was accused by the Daily Mail of using a hidden earpiece at a show in Dublin. Associated Newspapers later apologised and agreed to pay “substantial” damages to the her, after the article suggested she had “perpetrated a scam” on a theatre audience.

Broadcaster Kohli was struck off BBC’s The One Show for several months in 2009 after “stepping over the mark” with a female researcher. He was removed from the weekday evening programme for six months after the researcher lodged a complaint about his behaviour two months previously.

He has also appeared in Celebrity MasterChef and Newsnight Review, hosted shows on BBC Radio 4 and performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Celebrity Big Brother continues on Channel 5 at 9pm