A HOT dog addict shed an incredible 195lbs after a straight-talking doctor predicted he would never see his granddaughter grow up if he didn't trim the fat.

Jamie Green, 56, tipped the scales at 375lbs at his heaviest and survived on a diet of hot dogs washed down with a large soft drink at every single meal.

The granddad, a team leader at Whirlpool, was devastated when his doctor told Jamie his weight would kill him before his eldest granddaughter Baylee, now eight, turned ten.

Jamie, of Cohutta, Georgia, USA, was horrified to discover his fast-food heavy diet left him pre-diabetic and in the early stages of liver failure in October 2016.

The former marine, who is also grandfather to Peyton, seven, said his doctor’s blunt comments spurred him on a nutrition and fitness journey.

Jamie, who was scoffing more than six hot dogs and two hamburgers everyday, swapped his fatty favorites for an entirely vegetarian diet filled with quinoa and legumes.

The 3XL dad also returned to the gym with his super active wife Melissa, 50, and has shed 195lbs in less than two years.

Jamie said: "The company I work for, they make us do a yearly wellness exam for our insurance, which shows your BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol, liver function and other things like that.

"At that point I was already on the maximum dosage of medication for blood pressure and cholesterol.

"We had just gotten a new doctor that year and he told me I was pre-diabetic and also in the early stages of liver failure.

"He asked me how old were my grandchildren and I said, 'Six and seven'. Then he said, ‘Well you’ll be lucky if you live until the oldest one is ten.’

"He made me so angry, I said, ‘You can’t just speak to people like that.’ I was furious and embarrassed.

"But I was eating two double sausage, egg and cheese biscuits and a large coke every single morning.

"And for lunch I would eat six corn dogs or hot dogs. For dinner I would have two hamburgers and sometimes a tube of Pringles."

In less than two years Jamie’s 52inch waist has dropped to 32inches thanks to his new outlook on nutrition and fitness.

Jamie said: "When I went home after that doctors appointment I started to research and everything pointed to a plant based whole foods diet.

"That’s how I’ve done it. I’m mostly a vegetarian now but I sometimes eat fish.

"At the beginning I really missed meat and salt. I’ve substituted table salt with organic seaweed which I snack on.

"Now I crave broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Sometimes we make vegan sushi. I couldn't walk a mile before but now I lift weights and do cardio five days a week."

The team leader says his weight loss has helped him become more involved in the lives of his granddaughters.

Dad-of-two Jamie said: “When I was fat I was afraid to even get into the pool with the kids because I worried if they got into trouble I wasn’t mobile enough to help them.

“I want to see those blond haired, blue eyes girls get married someday and I’m glad I’ve taken the steps to do that.”

His weight loss has also impacted his relationship with his wife Melissa as he struggled with jealousy when he was morbidly obese.

Jamie said: “When I was heavy I was a super jealous husband. My wife is so loyal but I would get paranoid she was looking at other guys.

“It was all just paranoia that festered from my own insecurities about my weight. As the weight dropped, so did those feelings.”

Jamie said although his doctor’s comments crushed him at the time, they ultimately saved his life.

"My doctor is my best friend now because I went home and thought ‘I’ll show him’.

“After I lost 100lbs he told me that’s exactly what he wanted to do. And he was right. I was on the path to an early grave.”