DAVID Beckham has denied speeding after his Bentley was clocked at almost 20mph above the speed limit.

Beckham, 43, has denied one offence of speeding after his £200,000 Bentley was clocked going 59mph in a 40mph zone back in January.

The former England ace was due to appear at Lavender Hill Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday but did not attend in person.

The court official also said the hearing on Monday was administrative only and will be heard in private - it will only be called on to be adjourned for a trial.

The trial will be heard at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court next month - where Beckham is again not expected to appear in person.

According to the charge sheet, he sent his not guilty plea by post on August 17.

Beckham is accused of exceeding the 40mph speed limit while driving through Paddington, central London, on January 23, on the A40 flyover.

It states: “On January 23 2018 at 5.37pm the defendant drove Bentley index DA67FBG on A40 near North Wharf Rd W2 to A40 and near Bramley Rd W10 Gantry, subject of a local traffic order, namely The A40 GLA Road, at a speed exceeding the legal limit of 40 miles per hour.

“The speed recorded by means of Safe Zone was 59 miles per hour.”