IT is decision day for Glasgow's equal pay campaigners as the result of one of the largest strike ballots of women workers is due.

Council staff will picket outside Glasgow City Chambers today from 12.30pm as the decision is due to be returned.

But Glasgow City Council said unions are "putting vulnerable people at risk" by calling for strike action.

The move comes after 10 years of campaigning by women workers who were found to be earning less than men in similar jobs.

GMB Scotland had said it moved to a strike ballot after negotiations with the council "broke down".

But the council claims it is still working to a timetable agreed with the unions.

GMB Scotland has balloted more than 2700 women while Unison has balloted more than 5000 across the city.

It is believed to be one of the biggest ballots of women workers in the UK.

GMB Scotland Organiser Rhea Wolfson said: "If the result comes back in favour of a strike today there would be picket lines and disruption at every school and public building across the city.

"Our members include cleaning staff and catering staff and caring staff - they are in every school, museum and sports centre in Glasgow.

"If we return a yes vote today then this will be one of the most momentous moments in equal pay history and quite unprecedented.

"A strike would mean us turning the corner in terms of the value placed on women workers and tackling what is institutional sexism.

"The council does not believe these women would walk out - but they will."

A ballot result is expected at around 1pm today with the hope that it will be announced to women picketing outside the Chambers.

Union representatives previously said the council had scrapped proposals for a negotiated settlement of second wave equal pay claims with the joint claimant group.

Workers are being represented by GMB Scotland, Unison and Action 4 Equality that they will no longer work to an agreed timetable to reach a negotiated settlement.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: “It is important that people understand the union is recommending strike action on the basis of a schedule of negotiation it agreed and signed up to on behalf of its members.

“The council has committed to make an offer in December, which it will do, and we are committed to discuss the component parts of that offer prior to that.

“The union also knows full well that strike action cannot possibly make that process move any faster.

"Putting vulnerable people at risk by calling a strike which cannot change the timescale claimants agreed to cannot be justified.”