It's difficult to find a positive side to the Glasgow weather while getting soaked through your jeans and bashed on the head with umbrellas - but one business has managed it.

Tennent’s Lager have done their best to turn Glasgow's frown upside down with the introduction of a new billboard.

The brewery has position a live billboard at Anniesland Cross which might leave a few motorists scratching their heads but in reality makes perfect sense.

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With heavy rain expected over the weekend, the billboard will be keeping the public in the know about rising water levels in Loch Katrine and how much pints it equates to.

While the rain falls, it ensures that Tennent’s pints can keep flowing, with over one trillion pints currently in the loch.

Alan McGarrie, Group Brand Director at Tennent’s said: “We know that not everyone will be delighted at the sight of the rain returning but we want to encourage everyone to look at it in our terms.

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"Every pint of Tennent’s Lager is made with the freshest Scottish water from Loch Katrine, alongside the finest quality hops, and Scottish barley.

“The only way to keep Loch Katrine topped up is with the ever-present Scottish rain, so when you think about it, more rain means more Tennent’s. That’s why we say bring it on – embrace the rain!”