KARAOKE has been banned at a pub after a spate of trouble and noise complaints.

Police said 14 incidents involving The Carrick in Maybole have been reported.

A lorry narrowly missed an elderly man who staggered and fell onto the A77 after drinking at the nightspot.

The premises was also the site of two alleged assaults, police told a council meeting.

Managers James and Donna Dunlop appeared before the South Ayrshire Council licensing board on Thursday.

Licensing officer Catrina Andrew told the board a neighbour made a number of complaints about noise emanating from the pub at the weekends.

Ms Andrew said the neighbour described Saturday, January 27 in particular as “very difficult” and “had little sleep because of noise and bad language".

Ms Andrew said doors being left opened allowed music to be heard outside.

She described how patrons were spotted outside The Carrick sitting on kegs drinking on one occasion.

Police Sergeant David Dougan said out of 14 total incidents at the pub, six crimes were reported. Describing a near miss outside the pub, he said an older man had been drinking there on May 15.

Sgt Dougan said: “Footage captured him leaving the premises.”

He said the man “staggered” on to the south lane of the road and fell.

He continued: “A lorry narrowly missed him.”

Responding to questions at the board meeting, Mr Dunlop said the man “looked fine” until he hit the “fresh air.”

He said the pavement outside is very uneven, which could have led to the man stumbling.

He added: “We have told the staff we can’t let people get into that state and walk out the door.

“We are responsible for that.”

Commenting on the noise problem, he said it fluctuates depending on people’s singing voices.

He added: “We have done everything we can in our power to ensure there will be no further noise.”

The pub was fined £400 over noise in the lead up to the licensing board meeting.

Councillors adjourned to discuss the pub’s fate during the licence review hearing.

After their private discussion licensing board chair Councillor Craig Mackay told the Dunlops they must hire a steward to man the doors on Friday and Saturday nights.

Karaoke and live music is also banned.

Councillor Mackay said: “You will continue to be monitored by Environmental Health and Licensing.”