THE long-running saga of access to Glasgow Airport has been rumbling on for decades.

WITH the M8 the only way of getting to and from the airport, the increase in traffic has led to a growing problem.

The latest report for Transport Scotland tells them what everyone else knows - congestion on the motorway around Glasgow Airport is getting worse and action is still needed.

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In 2009, plans for a rail link between Central Station and the airport were shelved, controversially, by the Scottish Government.

The City Deal resurrected a plan for a different rail link but it too has been held up.

Glasgow Airport is crucial to the city’s economic prospects and central to plans to grow the tourist trade and the booming conference sector.

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Leaving it with only one way in and one way out is holding the airport back and is causing congestion to drivers using the M8 to travel between Glasgow and Renfrewshire and beyond.

It is time the problem of access to the airport was solved and the only answer is via a rail link from Glasgow City Centre.

It is long overdue.