DO any of our politicians really have a clue about Brexit?

Not a single one has inspired any confidence in the public as the leaving date looms larger by the day.

All the main parties have had their say recently and still no-one knows the arrangements or more importantly the consequences.

Theresa May delivered her astonishing speech last week trying to dump the responsibility on the European Union.

Remarkable, but no-one is fooled by a Prime Minister who can’t get her own party to agree a position, who then decides to press the last resort button, putting blame on the foreigners.

Yes, Theresa it’s the fault of the other EU countries if Britain leaves with no deal.

She said we now need to hear from the EU what their alternative is and ended her speech with “we stand ready” in a bid to look tough.

Ms May, like her cabinet colleagues and her predecessor David Cameron who landed her with it, has made a mess of the whole affair.

I had recurring images of Captain Mainwaring from Dad’s Army delivering that speech. It was like him cocking up another operation and then blaming his arch nemesis Hodges, the air raid patrol warden.

Then Jeremy Corbyn had the nation waiting as Labour gathered in Liverpool for its conference. What was his big alternative going to be?

Well a bit of this, a bit of that, maybe we could support it maybe we couldn’t.

We still don’t really know. A General Election is Labour’s goal. Then he and his colleagues will try to solve the conundrum of enjoying the benefits of the EU while not accepting the responsibilities.

There are six tests for Labour to back a vote on a deal in the House of Commons, but the Scottish Labour leader couldn’t name them, when he was asked in a TV interview.

Meanwhile the UK Government has appointed a minister for food supplies amid fears about food shortages and there are fears about disruption to vital medicine supplies.

Food shortages, in peacetime, in one of the world’s richest countries. The fact it is being mentioned as a possibility is a disgrace.

Mocking foreigners, bungling supercilious leaders and delusions of empire.

This farce is ‘Allo ‘Allo!, Dad’s Army and It Ain’t Half Hot Mum rolled into one.