The Conservative Party UK conference was a right old laugh-a-minute riot wasn’t it.

Theresa May dancing on to the stage, well moving in a way that wasn’t walking on to the stage, for her leader’s speech.

If moving like a robot is supposed to make you look more human to the people then this was not her advisers’ finest hour.

You could tell her heart wasn’t in it but she kept it going even when she didn’t need to. When you reach the lectern, STOP.

Then we had Boris Johnson being mobbed as he made his way through the conference centre with acolytes ‘protecting’ him from the surrounding media scrum.

Self appointed chief protector was Scottish Conservative MP Ross Thomson, who compared himself to David Budd in the recently ended BBC drama Bodyguard.

Until the Beeb commissions a show called ‘Chocolate Fireguard’ I wouldn’t wait for a call from casting if I were you, Ross.

Boris Johnson also decided to hog the limelight by letting cameras know he would be running through fields to mock Theresa May. That was gentle compared to his savaging of her Brexit plan at the conference.

You can tell Boris hates to be ignored.

He is the attention seeking child who must have his own way or he’ll damn well jump up and down until you notice him.

While the Tories are dancing, frolicking in fields and playing at being TV stars, the world outside their true blue bubble is dealing with the consequences of their infighting and squabbling as factions rip each other apart for control of the party.

Given the Prime Minister’s previous Brexit speech, blaming the EU for the impending economic doom, I expected her to come out to Billy Joel’s ‘We didn’t start the fire’. Execpt you did. The only reason a referendum was called was David Cameron trying in vain to hold his party together by giving into the right’s demands for the opportunity to leave Europe.

He lost.

As the Prime Minister was speaking, there was Brexit summit in Glasgow.

Such are the concerns over supplies and movement of goods, the council is having to look at contingency plans to ensure there is enough food for school meals and enough fuel to keep the bin lorries on the road.

In the same week the Joseph Rowntree Foundation produced a report showing one in four children in poverty - even more in the most deprived areas - and the problem is growing. Even if you have a job it is no guarantee you can make ends meet.

We reported on a working mum who couldn’t afford the bus fare when it increased for her and her daughter.

Yes Theresa, all those mums are dancing their way to the foodbank, smiling and laughing with the kids skipping carefree behind.

Theresa May’s conference advisers could have chosen many songs for her walk on to.

Finally meeting her ‘Waterloo’ would have been fitting or SOS has been suggested as more appropriate.

To the millions outside the conference hall who work all night and work all day to pay the bills they have to pay, the Abba tune in their head is Money, Money Money, must be funny in the rich man’s world.

And we all know who’s laughing.