BIG-HEARTED Glasgow builders have joined forces to help a paralysed mum who has been trapped inside in her own home for almost a year.

Audrey Miller, 51, has spent the past 10 months bed-bound and unable to leave her house in Robroystone after suffering a rare spinal stroke.

She has been living in her sitting room because she can’t get upstairs to her old bedroom or bathroom, whilst the doors are too narrow to allow her wheelchair to pass through.

When hero tradesman Robert Mooney, from Bishopbriggs, heard about her situation, he decided to take action.

Robert is a member of the volunteer group Charitable Trades Scotland, which has already renovated a disabled girl’s house in Wishaw.

He raised £5,995 on the charity site GoFundMe and began a DIY SOS-style renovation of Audrey’s home.

“If a member of the public got a quote for this work, they wouldn’t get change from £40,000,” he said.

A total of 17 workmen are involved in the project, which is a major undertaking.

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The build involves constructing a new extension with a bedroom so Audrey no longer has to sleep in the living room.

A wet room will also be installed as well as an accessible kitchen.

A ramp is being built up to the front door of the property to allow Audrey to get her wheelchair in and out easily, whilst the house will also be rewired so the electricity supply meets modern standards.

The generosity of the builders and the people who donated cash for the project has left Audrey deeply moved.

“Every time we see her, she cries,” Robert added.

“And whenever we finish a part of the job, she cries as well.

“Her requests have been ignored and she was told that what she needed couldn’t be done.

“But we’ve proved it can.

“We will be doing more projects - this won't be the last.”

Audrey suffered her spinal stroke in March 2017, when she she felt a tingling in her leg which then spread across her lower body.

“It turned out I suffered a spinal stroke, which was so rare some of the nurses at the Queen Elizabeth hadn’t heard of it,” she said.

She was brought home in December last year and has barely gone outside since then.

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Her son is so worried about the risk of fire that he sleeps alongside her in the living room.

He suffers from ADHD, so Audrey did not want to move out of the area.

She approached the council and occupational therapists to alter the house, but none of the work she needed was carried out until Robert and his team got involved.

“They are a great bunch of guys,” she said.

“I used to watch Nick Knowles on DIY SOS and it was amazing stuff.

“I used to sit in tears watching it.

“When the men came to see me, I don’t think I stopped crying for days.”

You can visit to donate and help renovate other people’s homes.