A MAJOR £25million development in Glasgow’s East End has been given the go-ahead.

Specialist firm Warehouse REIT have secured planning permission for the project, which is understood to include a pub and restaurant, at Queenslie Park industrial estate.

The mixed-use development would see the creation of distribution, industrial, commercial, storage, retail and hospitality space, worth £25m.

Councillor for the area, James Coleman, said he was glad to see the boost to the estate after a rocky start.

He told the Evening Times: “That’s a significant development, considering Queenslie had always struggled to fulfill it’s potential.

“This is great news and it’s welcomed. I think the location of Queenslie will have had a big part to play in their decision to go there because it’s excellent.

“The issue is, it was planned just before the recession and was doing alright on the scale of things, but it slowed right down. It’s good to see it picked back up again.”

He added: “Investment on that scale will likely mean jobs, it’s just making sure that local people get the chance of them.

“We’ve got good facilities and support infrastructure here, with the likes of the college at Easterhouse, to prepare local people for those jobs.”

The 16 acres form part of Warehouse REIT’s wider 56 acre holding at Queenslie Park, including approximately 350,000 sq ft of existing floorspace.

Councillor Philip Charles added: “It seems quite a diverse development – it’s not just industrial, I believe there’s a pub and a restaurant as well – so it’s good for the area.

“It brings a bit of focus to the area and jobs for local people too.”

Estate agent Savills worked with project architects 3D Reid in formulating “innovative and forward-looking” plans to revitalise Queenslie Park and ensure the bid was given the green light.

Savills associate Ruth Highgate said: “[The project] unlocks the potential for wider provision of industrial and business use as well as supporting retail, leisure and other commercial uses, which will help improve the overall quality of Queenslie Park.

“The combination of its location on the M8 east of Glasgow, and the exciting opportunities that can be delivered through this planning consent, will really put Queenslie on the map.

“This is a significant prospect for both the city of Glasgow and the community living and working in and around Queenslie.”

Andrew Bird, managing director of Tilstone Partners, the manager of Warehouse REIT, added: “Securing this permission marks the culmination of over 24 months working closely with a number of stakeholders, ranging from the city council and local elected members through to existing occupiers and local residence, as well as providing a further example of how the management team continues to extract value from the original portfolio.”