A WEATHER alert will remain in place across Glasgow this weekend despite the Met Office lifting its "danger to life" warning.

A yellow alert was in place at the beginning of the week, as the city battles gale-force winds and flash floods due to high volumes of rain.

While yesterday, the sun had his hat firmly back in place and temperatures began to creep up - but it's not set to last.

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From midnight on Saturday, weather experts have warned of yet more "heavy and persistent" rainfall across the city.

The Met Office warned homes and businesses could be subjected to flooding, while there's a chance of power cuts and loss of services.

Tomorrow a yellow warning for strong winds will kick in around 3am as Storm Callum batters the city.

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It's expected there will be delays to transport services throughout the area.

By Sunday, the weather is expected to settle down slightly as both warnings are lifted.

It will still be a wet and windy day though, with highs of 12C.