CHRIS Pine skipped out of his film premiere in Edinburgh to spend time in the security office of Cineworld.

Fans of the star couldn’t believe it when they caught a glimpse of the star in the basement office of the cinema just half an hour after the film began.

One said: “We were having a nosey at the back of the building when we saw Chris Pine in the office with the security guards. He was about to come out for a smoke but when he saw us he turned round and went back in.”

Most of Edinburgh and beyond were thrilled when Chris walked the red carpet at the glitzy premiere.

Some fans had been out earlier in the day searching for him, but Chris was too busy being interviewed in Borthwick Castle before heading to Edinburgh Castle afterwards for a reception.

The star has a huge love of history and spends a lot of his time exploring museums near where he is shooting.

I can now reveal that when he was in Glasgow shooting earlier this year he headed out to the Riverside Museum where he almost went incognito.

Unfortunately for him, he was spotted by own young fan as he got a quick bite to eat in the museum cafe by the Riverside.

Chris is followed by fans wherever he goes and the collective name for them has always been Pine Nuts, but since the film which features s full frontal of the star the term has taken on a new meaning.

Heroes wear kilts

Kilts were very much in vogue on Tuesday night as both Enrique Iglesias and Eric Cantona wore one to mark their visits here.

Enrique’s kilt was presented to him by radio presenter Adele Cunningham who managed to get him a special pink Heart radio kilt made to order by Slanj.

Robin Galloway, who was also backstage, advised Enrique to wear nothing underneath but only those in the front row can tell whether he did – or not.

Talking of tartan

Graham Norton was resplendent in a tartan suit as he stepped out to talk about his new book in Glasgow.

Graham was staying at the Blythswood hotel before heading through to Edinburgh, where he admitted one of his favourite authors was Scots born Denise Mina.

Graham got the crowd laughing at the bash particularly when one fan asked him to listen to their radio show Despite Irish born Graham being a Celt, there were language barriers as he misheard the title and asked if it was spelled ‘bomb’.

The radio person replied in earnest: ‘No drop as in D.R.O.P’

Graham should have had his big red chair with him.

Tom fits in

Billionaire Tom Hunter was looking pretty cool in a tracksuit when I bumped into him in town.

But Sir Tom told me he wasn’t on a keep fit regime.

Instead the 56 year old, who was with wife Marion and friends including former Clyde 1 boss Paul Cooney, had been at a gig in town and told me he wanted to fit in with the rest of the cool crowd.

Tom has always been a very down to earth man, and I remember visiting some of Glasgow’s favourite chippies with him and his posse in the past.

He’s been busy of late working on the kiltwalk, and he asked me to ask you if you can take part in the next one.

I might well be doing it too now.

You can choose a charity of your choice and Sir Tom will top up by forty percent whatever money you raise.

He said: “We has over 20,000 walkers this year and are very chuffed with that.”